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Rm.F,G/24,Cosco Building No.13-2 Gangkou 1ST Road Jiangmen Guangdong, CHINA


Tel: 86-750-3290168
Fax: 86-750-3290169

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←← Fuji Technology automatically sets of 8- colours high speed intaglio printing machine, equipped with shaft-less device and British static picture monitoring image device. The machine combined the international advanced technology microcomputer control system with maxprint width is 1150mm.I'm a paragraph. 

→→ 600 type multi functional automatic high-speed bagging machine which can produce trilaterally three border seal bag, stand upright bag and zipper bag. This machine adopts microcomputer control and Mitsubishi four servo control system.

←← The high-speed non-stop laminating machine, automatic changing material using Mitsubishi automatic tension control.

→→ KBA 5-colour and Heidelberg 6-colour press which produces quality picture boxes in high speed with features such as  auto plating and computer control. 

Quality Management

Colour Management

Our company owns TECHKON zinc plate measuring machine, X-Rite Eye-onePro Spectrodensitometre colour measuring instrument and other advanced digital measuring devices.


Techkon zinc plate measuring machine controls the quality of our product by detecting imperfect products with its precise spectral engine, patented measurement head for exact and direct positioning and quick measurement time. This is our first stage of colour management.


Eye-onePro is our second stage of colour management. This is a intelligent program used for prepress proofing colour protection by display and projector profiling, monitoring and quality assurance,  and spot colour management.


528 Spectrodensitometre is our third stage of colour management. This a handheld colour measurement solution by accurately measuring paper, ink density, dot deformation data and more standardize printing operation. This enable printers and packaging converters to to truly understand, control and manage colour across the entire colour network, ensuring the utmost in colour accuracy.

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